Did you know... the average age of a financial advisor is 62? Why does this matter? 

Imagine you are nearing retirement and your financial advisor is as well. The last thing you want to do during your retirement is find a new advisor and re-explain your life and financial goals. 

Here’s what makes Key Wealth Managers unique. We have curated a team of experienced, expert advisors at an average of 40 years old. Our progressive team approach allows us to better understand your goals and wants to create a lasting plan for your lifetime. We will be your advisor through your lifetime & will personally handle your wealth transitions to your inheritors. Additionally, we will be there to express your wishes and teach your legacies how to manage their newfound wealth.

Our progressive team approach has resulted in national success through recognition including:

  • The Top 100 Magazine Influential Professionals in Finance
  • The Washingtonian Top Wealth Managers 
  • Business Week 500

At Key Wealth Managers, we believe a balanced portfolio with multiple strategies is the best approach to financial planning. Here are areas of expertise that we will integrate into our financial partnership:

  • Traditional & non-traditional investment options
  • Unique asset allocation & investment portfolios that are professionally managed
  • Portfolio recommendation models focused on asset protection & risk management through downside volatility
  • Adaptable program in the ever-changing landscape of life achievements, changes and goals
  • Estate planning and wealth preservation strategies to ensure a tax-efficient transition of your assets to the next generation